Main Event
Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match
Mack O’Connor (19-5) vs. Alice Knight (12-2) vs. Ed Houston © (10-6)

~The crowd is focused! They know what time it is! Belvedere stands in the middle of the ring – all business. He clears his throat. The fans chant “OCW! OCW!” He clears this throat a second time. They adhere to the clearing of his throat and silence themselves~

Belvedere: Ladies and Gentlemen…it is now time for our Main Event of the evening!! This match is a Triple Threat contest scheduled for one fall! The winner of this match will go on to face Matt Meyhu for the OCW Championship at Mayhem on the Midway!!! Introducing first…

~ The screen turns black and then slowly starts to count down from 10. Once it hits 1 the sound of a rocket taking off echoes throughout the arena. Rocket Man starts to blare as Ed Houston slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp. He stops by fans in the crowd and high fives them. Once he gets about half way down the ramp, he sprints and slides under the rope. He quickly jumps to his feet and makes his way up to the turnbuckle where he waves to the crowd~

Belvedere: From Miami, Florida…standing 5’9 and weighing in at 175lbs…he is the OCW Craze Champion…Ed Houston!!!

~ ”Electrified" by Dressy Bessy begins to play as the fans turn and cheer the rapidly rising fan favorite in OCW, Alice Knight. She makes her way to the ring with a bubbly demeanor. She enters into the ring and kind of skips around for no apparent reason. She rushes the ropes and heads to the middle turnbuckle and waves to the fans as her music fades out~

Belvedere: Introducing next, from Bethel, New York…standing 5’8 and weighing in at 125lbs…she is the OCW Oceanic Champion…she is a former OCW Champion…she is a current OCW Hall of Famer…she is…OWL IS NIGHT!!

~The crowd HOOTS loudly! Alice smiles and waves at the fans. Ed seems to be okay with all of this. He still has his Craze Title secured tightly around his waist. They both stand and wait for the final member of the match~

Smith: She looks great!

Hood: You better be talking about that smoking hot blonde in the front row and not the gypsy witch standing inside the ring

~ "Vagabond” by the Greenskeepers hits. Mack O’Connor walks out on the stage and walks directly to the ring, dressed in jeans and a black tank top. He occasionally raises an arm to acknowledge and get a rise out of the fans. He slides into the ring and starts pacing in his corner. He doesn’t talk trash to his opponent but he makes sure to stare them down, letting them know he means business~

Belvedere: And their opponent…from Brooklyn, New York…standing 6’3 and weighing in at 220lbs…he is a former OCW Champion…he is a current OCW Hall of Famer…he is…Mack O’Connor!!!

~The crowd is split on Mack. They are behind Ed. But they are super-duper psychotically behind ALICE. The bell sounds! The crowd goes wild. Belvedere collects the Craze Title from Ed. He looks for the Oceanic belt, but it is nowhere to be found. So, he exits the ring with the Craze Championship~

Hood: That witch has already lost the Oceanic Title!

Smith: No she hasn’t…it’s not an active title. It was more of a novelty act, Hood. She can do with it what she likes

Hood: Which means it’s probably listed on Ebay somewhere…fucking Alice Kngiht

~Ed bounces around, happily. It’s his first shot at the Main Event scene. He’s like a kid walking into Disney World for the first time. It’s Christmas morning. Welcome to the party, Ed! Mack shoots a glare Ed’s way. Ed turns and smiles. Mack tells Ed to ‘wipe that fucking smile off your face. Act like you’ve been here before!’ Houston ceases his energetic bouncing, digesting Mack’s words. Suddenly a “HOOT!” sounds out. Both Ed and Mack turn to see Alice hooting and strutting. The crowd responds with hoots of their own~

Smith: Such charisma! Look at her get this crowd worked up!

Hood: This is an OCW #1 Contenders match! I don’t think Ed is the one who needs to act like he’s been there before

Smith: Hey! This is all part of Alice’s gameplan

Hood: She has no gameplan. To say she has a game plan is an insult to games. And plans.

~Ed walks up to Alice. She stops strutting and braces for combat. Ed makes a motion that he ‘comes in peace’. He starts to strut. The crowd pops way too loudly for this shit. Alice nods and deems his strutting acceptable. She follows suit. The two strut around as the crowd chants “HOOT!” over and over again~

Smith: What a moment!

Hood: For anybody changing the channel…I don’t blame you

Smith: Stop encouraging that type of behavior!

~Mack approaches the two strutting contenders. He lets out a sigh and motions for them to show him how it’s done. Happily, they both strut around Mack. They stop and stand in front of Mack. He nods, acting as though he understands. He bends his good knee and gets ready to strut. Alice looks out the crowd, pointing at Mack…they go wild! Ed does the same. Mack suddenly lunges forward and takes them both down with a double clothesline!!! They hit the mat hard! The crowd BOOOOOOS~

Smith: Hey! That was totally unnecessary!

Hood: Thank you, Mack! Thank you, Mack!

Smith: Stop that!

~Mack grabs Alice by the hair…he pulls her to her feet and tosses her over the top rope, to the floor. Alice hits hard. The fans boo! Some nerd starts a chant that somehow gains traction. Mack is reaching for Ed when he stops and listens. “Mack O’Stupid!” He narrows his eyes, wondering if he’s hearing what he thinks he’s hearing. Finally, he realizes he IS hearing what he’s hearing. He stands upright and looks at the crowd with embarrassment. He shakes his head. Many people in the crowd stop, realizing what they are chanting. The chant dies a humiliating death. The guy who started it, a man wearing a “JAM G RULEZ” t-shirt, is instantly mobbed by grown men who suddenly feel castrated. Mack nods, approving of the crowd culling the idiot from the herd. He snares Ed by the hair, pulling him to his feet~

Smith: I guess we are going to stymie our fan’s creativity

Hood: CREATIVITY? That was the dumbest chant in the history of chants…and trust me, there have been some ridiculous dumb chants. Orange Cat Head, anyone?

Smith: They were trying to have fun!

Hood: I’m sorry but we cannot allow chants like that to prosper. It will dumb down our fans…we don’t want that. These people already cheer for Alice fucking Knight. So they’re pretty fucking dumb as it is…to make them even dumber could yield disastrous results

~Mack takes both hands, places them into Ed’s chest and shoves him violently backward. Ed SLAMS into a corner…the back of his head snapping over the top buckle. He reaches for his neck, wincing in pain. Mack starts to run…but, before he does, he checks out his knee. It seems to be okay. So he walks, briskly toward Ed and begins to punch him in the ribcage with lefts and rights. Ed quickly covers up. Mack responds by throwing jabs at Ed’s head. Ed tries to cover his face…but the body punches resume…this process is repeated for a while before Ed finally bends over and ducks his upper body through the middle and top rope, looking for a reprieve~

Smith: Mack is a brawler…you don’t want to get into a fist fight with that man

Hood: Fist fight? You talk as though that was a competition. Mack was beating the shit out of Ed

Smith: I’m just saying…Ed needs to get out of that corner and make Mack run around. He’s already got a suspect knee

Hood: Oh so you want Ed to cripple Mack, is that it? Put the man in a wheelchair. Boy you’re something, you know that?

Smith: That’s not what I was saying!

~Mack grabs Ed by the legs, trying to pull him out of the corner, back into the ring. Ed manages to wrap his legs around Mack’s waist while holding onto the middle rope. He pulls himself forward, using the rope as leverage, and yanks Mack forward with his legs…this motion sends Mack tumbling forward, through the ropes, all the way to the floor! The crowd pops! Ed winds up sitting atop the apron with his legs dangling over the edge. He’s holding his ribs while rubbing his face. O’Connor is on the ground, lying on his side, against the barricade. Ed powers through the pain and gets to his feet. He stands upon the apron and looks down at Mack. He leaps off, attaining a tremendous vertical push…he comes crashing down with a half double foot stomp, half drop kick…his feet SLAM into the chest/upper abdomen of Mack! The crowd goes wild! Ed falls somewhat harmlessly onto his back, rolling safely backward, over his head into a seated position near the apron cloth~

Smith: Tremendous athleticism by Ed Houston! The Craze Champion has a great opportunity here…the biggest opportunity of his career

Hood: Yea, if that fucking NASA drop out were to pin Alice Knight…he’d face THE CHAMP for the OCW Title

Smith: Or he could pin Mack O’Connor. It doesn’t have to be our beloved Alice

Hood: YOUR beloved. And no…he absolutely cannot, in any version of this story pin Mack O’Connor

~Houston returns to his feet, feeling the pressure of the moment. He’s got Mack down. He heads over toward O’Connor who is squished up against the barricade thanks to the kick moments ago from Ed. Houston is about to grab Mack by the ear or something (guy has no hair) but is tapped on the shoulder. He turns around to find Alice Knight! She pokes him in the eye and starts giggling. Houston reaches for his face, stunned. Alice kicks him in the gut and drops him with a DDT on the outside!! The crowd erupts with “OWL! IS! NIGHT!”~

Smith: What awareness! What stealth! She is better than I can remember!

Hood: She poked him in the eye

Smith: Emulating an owl pecking at a predator. She’s in her element, Hood

Hood: This shit sucks

~Alice pulls Ed to his feet and rolls him into the ring. She hops onto the apron. Mack returns to his feet, wobbly. Alice looks over her shoulder, spotting the bald brawler. She leaps off the apron with a Moonsault!! She nails it!! The move sends Mack crashing back into the barricade, back first!! Alice manages to land on her feet, on the other side, in the crowd! The fans around her go crazy hooting and strutting. Alice takes a brief moment to take smile before hopping back over the apron and sliding into the ring~

Smith: Great move! What tremendous athleticism…she’s more than meets the eye

Hood: I think she thought Mack was a half-eaten burger in a dumpster. That’s the only way I can explain what she just did…and/or why

Smith: Erroneous! She’s trying to reclaim what was once hers…the OCW Title


~She tries to pin Ed, but finds Houston already recovered from the DDT. Ed is rising to his feet. Alice sweeps his legs, knocking Ed onto his back. She grabs his legs in the preliminary stage for a Sharpshooter…she steps through and stomps Ed in the stomach. She leaps into the air, dropping Ed’s legs and delivers an Elbow into the throat of Houston. She makes a quick cover…Scruff slides in…the crowd rises with anticipation~



Kick Out!

Smith: Dang it!

Hood: You seriously thought that was it?

Smith: I had hope

Hood: Fuckin hell, man

~Alice is back to her feet. She hits the ropes as Ed rises to his feet. Mack hops onto the apron, apparently recovered enough to fight back. His knee holds up just fine. He reaches the apron and snares Alice by the hair before she can shoot off the ropes. He pulls back, yanking hard. She remains near the ropes…Mack dives forward with the uninjured portion of his head and head butts Alice in the back of the head!! Knight stumbles forward, right into a spinning heel kick from Ed!! Alice hits the mat hard. Houston thinks about a pin, but Mack steps into the ropes and looks at Ed as if to say “You better not fucking try it”~

Smith: Poor Alice…

Hood: Finally! It’s been awhile since someone has really given that gypsy witch what she deserves

Smith: Did end up so well for the last guy – Roach

Hood: Always gotta slam Roach. I guess you hate the game of Cricket, too…right?

Smith: It’s a fine game

~During Ed’s indecision and Mack’s arrival, Alice rolls out of the ring to the floor. Mack sighs and points as if to say “You let her get away.” Houston, for a moment, seems almost overwhelmed. The fans then start to chant his name…this causes his confidence to SOAR back to its usual height! He pumps his fist and hits the ropes. Mack braces. Houston bounces off the ropes and leaps over Mack with a sunset flip. He tries pulling Mack over, but Mack is too strong. Mack throws a punch at Ed’s head…Houston lets go and slides away. Mack’s fist slams into the mat. Ed kips up. Mack turns around. Ed throws a superkick…Mack catches the kick…he pulls Houston forward and attempts a lariat…but Ed ducks the lariat! Houston hits the ropes…Mack turns around. Houston sprints toward Mack and dives, kicking Mack in the bad knee! Mack yells “FUCK!” and falls to one knee! Houston pops back to his feet, the crowd is going crazy~

Smith: What a smart move! Ed is rising to the occasion! He’s showing that he belongs!

Hood: What a dick move!

Smith: He could have kicked him in the groin

Hood: I’m willing to bet Mack would have preferred that

~Houston throws a few kicks into Mack’s chest. Mack absorbs the blows, wincing with each one. Houston grabs the arms of a staggered Mack…he pulls Mack forward and drills him with a rip cord knee!! Mack falls over. Ed scrambles for the pin. Scruff makes the count~



Kick Out!

Smith: Kick out! Mack O’Connor took some vicious blows but had enough in him to kick out

Hood: When was the last time Mack was pinned?

Smith: It’s been awhile…much like Syren the man is rarely pinned

Hood: Guy’s fucking tough

~Houston pops back up. He’s on his feet, poised. Mack is slow to his feet. Houston lunges forward and drills Mack with a Superkick!!! Mack hits the mat and rolls onto the apron. Ed heads Mack’s way. Alice slides into the ring. She spins Ed around and delivers a high knee into Ed’s chin! Houston flails into the corner, hitting Scruff with his arm. Scruff falls down. The crowd reacts…Julliet, who must have been waiting for the opportunity, runs down to the ring~

Smith: It’s the Pride of New Mexico!

Hood: Did someone tell her there are light tubes under the ring?

Smith: I…I don’t know

~Brooks slides into the ring and grabs Alice from behind, who didn’t see her coming. She lifts Alice up and deposits her onto the ring with a Full Nelson Slam!!! Alice is out! The fans are booing! Brooks smiles, looking down at Alice. Scruff starts to move. Brooks exits the ring and gets out of sight. Houston finds his composure, and sees Alice down. He scratches his head for a moment…but then decides to climb to the top rope~

Smith: Ed knows he didn’t do that damage…but this is too big an opportunity to pass up!

Hood: NASA would frown on this behavior

Smith: Forget NASA!

~Ed reaches the top and looks down. He’s about to leap off when Mack lunges at him, pushing him off the top turnbuckle! Houston falls all the way to the floor, landing roughly. The crowd BOOOOS. Mack enters into the ring. Alice sits up. Mack kicks her in the face. He grabs her by the hair, pulls her up, hooks her and drops her with Claymore!!! The ring shakes from the impact. Mack goes for the pin~




~The bell rings~

Belvedere: Here is your winner…and the NEW #1 CONTENDER FOR THE OCW TITLE….MACK O’CONNOR!!!!!

Smith: Mack is going to Mayhem on the Midway to face Matt Meyhu!

Hood: Whew…justice was served

Smith: That darn Julliet Brooks cost Alice her shot…I am sad

Hood: Fuck your sadness

Smith: Valiant effort from Ed Houston. He’s getting very, very close

Hood: Too bad this isn’t horse shoes

Smith: RUDE

~We cut backstage to find a happy Julliet Brooks. Who’Re is breathing heavily, after chasing her down~

Who’Re: Julliet! A quick word about what just happened out there…

~Brooks snares the mic and shoves Who’Re out of view~

Julliet Brooks: "Alice, Alice, Alice. I bet you didn't see that coming did you? For far too long I have witnessed you sitting pretty at the mountain top of OCW with your pathetic catch phrases and child like persona and not once did I do anything about it. In fact I was a supporter of yours. That was.. until recently when I realized that supporting you was possibly the biggest mistake I could make, so I decided that instead of feeding into trash such as yourself, I would get rid of it and this is simply a start of things to come. Comfort that precious title of yours, because you never know when it will fall into the hands of someone who is just better than you."

~Brooks slings the mic into the wall, breaking it. It falls on Who’Re, who is on the ground, sitting up against the wall as far from Brooks as possible. Julliet storms off~

~We cut to a promotional video featuring all of Meyhu’s greatest ‘hits’ since joining OCW~

Voice: Matt Meyhu, The Marvel. A man who joined OCW in 2017. His signing was a major coup for an organization looking to get back on solid footing. They hoped he’d pan out. He did not disappoint. Meyhu went from being a big time free agent acquisition to transcending into an OCW legend. Each OCW era has its star. Lurrr during the beginning of OCW. Scott Syren followed. Silverfreak headlined the next era of stars. Silver Cyanide accepted the torch thereafter. Syren would reclaim his throne as the 2000s came to an end. Pryde and The Incredible One would helm the next wave. Chad Vargas stepped up in 2015. And now…now OCW has a new face of the company. OCW has a new legend. OCW has a Marvel. OCW has Matt Meyhu to lead the roster.

~An image of Meyhu with the OCW Title is shown~

Voice: Tonight we honor the greatest in ring superstar in OCW history. Tonight we honor a marvel amongst men. Tonight we honor Matt Meyhu!

~We cut back to the announce table. The fans are booing~

Smith: A bit over the top

Hood: You have no taste

Smith: I take offense to that remark!

Hood: Why? Because it’s true?

Smith: Is Meyhu great, sure. But the greatest ever? What is he, some kind of god?

Hood: He could be

Smith: WHAT?!

Hood: I’m just saying…I’ve never met a god…how do I know he isn’t one? Not like I can judge by past experience

Smith: You disgust me. This entire evening is disgusting. A corrupt GM and now this over the top celebration. Ugh…let’s just get this over with

Hood: I’m glad we’ve got front row seats!

Smith: We’ve always got front row seats

“LA… LA, LA LA… Wait Till I Get My Money Right…”
~"Can't Tell Me Nothing" by Kanye West hits and the fans begin to boo as the OCW Champion, Matt Meyhu, steps out onto the ramp.~

Hood: It's time!

Smith: It certainly is...

~With the title over his shoulder, 'The Marvel' makes his way down the ramp. He stops about half way before looking around with a confused look on his face. A smirk comes over him before he snaps his fingers. A loud pop is heard and streamers begin shooting through the sky, and $13 bills rain down on the crowd. He nods his head, satisfied.~

Hood: We're all going to be rich!

~Meyhu approaches the ring and climbs up onto the apron. He admires the bunches of balloons floating above each ring post. He enters the ring and approaches a large object, covered by an even larger sheet. He grins at the two employees standing on either side of it.~

Smith: What do you think is under there?

Hood: Perfection!

~The music fades and Meyhu grabs a microphone.~

Matt Meyhu: You like me! You really like me!

~They don't like him.~

Matt Meyhu: I always knew this day would come. After all my hard work... Everything I have done for this company! Shouldering this busy schedule and putting OCW on the map... I have earned this night. A night to truly be appreciated! And after all this time, you've earned the right to appreciate me!

Smith: Busy schedule?

Hood: You think it's easy being a Marvel?!

~The fans boo Meyhu for a moment as he shrugs them off. Meyhu points at the two men, who remove the sheet, revealing a statue of Matt Meyhu himself!~

Matt Meyhu: Beautiful! You know you've made it when you've got your own statue. Forget all those knock off action figures you can buy out there. This is what counts! Nobody else has one of these. Only me. Only Matt Meyhu!

~The fans begin to boo louder as Meyhu silently admires the statue for a moment. He snaps out of it.~

Matt Meyhu: Okay, okay. Enough about me... Let's talk about the OCW Champion!

~Meyhu laughs to himself more than he should for that joke.~

Smith: Oh, brother.

Matt Meyhu: Some of that Meyhu wit you all appreciate so much. Hey, listen. Can somebody get me some water?! Your champion needs some water! I've got another 30 minutes out here.

~Meyhu motions toward the back as the crowd contemplates sitting through another half hour of this. Scruff comes down with a bottle of water, slides in the ring and gives it to Meyhu. Meyhu uncaps the bottle and starts to drink.~


~Meyhu spits out the mouthful of water in shock as the fans cheer. Meyhu looks towards the entrance way holding his title, ready to attack.~

Hood: I thought that asshole left the building!!

Smith: So did I. Maybe a technical slip up?

~A few moments pass and nothing happens. The music dies down and Meyhu looks relaxed when the lights turn off. In about a minute or two, the lights come back on and Meyhu looks around but only sees Scruff who shrugs. A voice then comes over the loud speaker.~

Voice: Sorry everyone, we're having a little computer problems here in the truck. We'll work it out in a minute.

~Meyhu looks relieved and starts to raise his microphone when Scruff jumps forward and boots Meyhu in the gut and drops him with a d.d.t.!~

Smith: What the hell?

Hood: Scruff has snapped! Why is he attacking the champ?!

~Scruff picks up Meyhu, whips him in the corner and charges after him, jumps in the air and drives his knee into the cheek of the champ! Meyhu stumbles forward and gets blasted with a superkick from Scruff! Meyhu falls face first to the mat as Scruff waves towards the back and out comes running.......Scruff?!?~

Smith: I'm seeing double! What is going on here?!

Hood: Did Roach and Grenier manage to filter pot through the building's air system?

~The second Scruff slides in the ring as the first one starts clawing at his face, tearing off chunks of flesh. A few people shriek in horror until the realize that the skin is fake; an elaborate mask, and beneath that mask...~


Smith: It's Zybala!

~It's true boys and girls! Under the Scruff costume is Mike Zybala! With a flick of his wrists, he throws the fake skin from his hands then reaches into his pocket, pulls out a piece of paper, and gives it to the real Scruff. He reads this paper, nods at Zybala and calls for the bell. Zybala waits for Meyhu to return to his feet. The stunned champion slowly rises. The fans are on their feet, wishing Meyhu would get to his feet faster. Zybala stomps his feet repeatedly against the mat, anxious. Meyhu finally stands. Zybala lunges forward with another SUPERKICK!! Meyhu stumbles...the back of his head SMACKS against his statue! He goes limp, falling onto the mat, flat on his back. Zybala jumps on top of Meyhu...Scruff...THE REAL SCRUFF...slides in for the count~

Scruff: One.......



~Scruffs calls for the bell and Zybala grabs the OCW title and stands up with it, holding it up in the air as the fans confusion has broken and the cheers rain down on the commissioner!~

Hood: What the fuck is going on?!?

Smith: I think that was Zybala's title contract from Survivor!

Hood: Oh fuck no! Where's the boss!? Where is Mr. Welsh??

Smith: He was escorted from the building after Siobhan Townsend forced him to confess his sins! He isn’t here to do anything about this. There won’t be any vetoes tonight!


~Zybala lowers the title and drapes it over his shoulder and gets handed a microphone.~

Zybala: So I lied. I didn't leave for Ohio, I wasn't at the airport. I was planning this elaborate ruse. As we all know, when I won Survivor, I got a contract for a title match on any Massacre I want, and GASP! TONIGHT is a Massacre! So I'm your champion. Fucking deal with it!

~Zybala then does a mic drop and exits the ring and strolls up the ramp. Meyhu starts to slowly makes his way up on his hands and knees. He doesn’t appear to realize what’s just taken place. The crowd is a mixture of shocked and ecstatic. Zybala pauses atop the ramp with a large smile and the title over his shoulder. We fade to black~